The 2005 vintage was a milestone for Destiny Bay Vineyards.

Mature vines and new plantings flourished in ideal weather conditions on Waiheke Island. Adding to the excitement of optimal growing conditions was the arrival of the first fruit from new Cabernet Sauvignon clones. In combination with fruit from earlier plantings, the winemaking team now had an even more expansive range of choices in assemblage that expressed the diverse varietal and micro-climate characteristics of the vineyard.

The warm and dry weather on Waiheke Island from fruit-set through harvest was considered by many to be the best grape growing conditions in over a decade. Early January brought a modest amount of rain that enhanced pre-veraison tannin development, followed by hot and sunny days for the remainder of the month. Clear skies, moderate temperatures and a very dry April enabled clusters to reach peak physiological ripeness. The extended period of fine and stable weather fulfilled a winemaker’s dream to make harvest decisions without the pressure of over-ripening or inclement weather.

The soft, seductive texture and finesse of the 2005 vintage not only established a foundation for the style of Destiny Bay’s cabernet blends, but also foreshadowed the depth and complexity of wines to come.

Though tempting to drink now, these wines have great potential and will reveal their full story in the years to come.

Sean Spratt
Owner & Winemaker