The exceptionally warm spring and summer of 2006 produced growing conditions that exceeded even the standard set by 2005 a vintage heralded by many as the best of the decade.

Calm, warm, and dry spring weather created an ideal platform for fruit set. An abundance of large bunches with evenly set berries allowed for selective crop reduction to achieve the targeted 2.3 tonnes per acre with fruit in near perfect condition.

Consistent high temperature throughout the summer months, with an occasional rain shower, supported the development of a dense tannin base, optimal fruit ripeness and balance.

Harvest concluded on April 7th under a thunderous black sky. Fruit from the final pick of the LC10 Cabernet Sauvignon arrived at the winery in immaculate condition just a few hours before the commencement of ten days of rain.

Wines begin revealing their secrets early in the wine making process. The 2006 vintage was no exception showing promise and character early during fermentation with exceptional richness and deep, dark colour. After three-and-a-half years of barrel and bottle aging, these wines are exhibiting superb balance, depth, elegance and opulence.

The 2006 Destinae, Mystae and Magna Praemia reflect the soft and subdued notes that are Destiny Bays signature and demonstrate the vineyards potential.

Seductive and approachable, these wines will continue to develop for decades when cellared properly.

Sean Spratt
Owner & Winemaker