The 2007 growing season presented the greatest weather challenge ever faced by Destiny Bay. Two ferocious storms battered the vineyard early in the season followed by above average rainfall, wind and cool temperature during late flowering. Compromised flowering and reduced fruit set meant a smaller than desirable crop. However, the lighter load on each vine also presented an opportunity to achieve extraordinary phenolic development in support of wine density and structure.

January ushered in a period of warm, dry weather which extended through mid March. Unstable weather returned in late March with some heavy rainfall. Quick action and flexibility by the vineyard team prevented disease pressure from compromising the crop. The normal pattern of harvesting was replaced with a labour intensive regime that ensured that selected fruit was picked at peak physiological ripeness. Though time consuming and difficult, this strategy delivered intensely concentrated and ripe fruit to the winery.

Concern over the reduced yield quickly dissipated after barrel tasting revealed wine with remarkable depth and structure as well as richness, balance, opulence and complexity. Positive and enthusiastic early reviews by selected critics reinforced the prudence of investing extra effort at harvest.

The 2007 vintage extends a tradition of elegant and approachable wines from Destiny Bay and demonstrates how adapting to adverse conditions can often yield extraordinary and distinctive wines. Mother Nature may have reduced 2007 production but she could not diminish its quality.

We are immensely proud of how the 2007 wines have developed and how our team overcame so many obstacles to bring them to you.

Sean Spratt
Owner & Winemaker