Making great wines is like making great art. Each year Mother Nature provides a new canvas and a constellation of challenges to inspire the Destiny Bay team. Retaining the signature qualities of complexity, balance and elegance while reflecting the unique character of each vintage, is grist for our creative expression.

The 2012 season began with below average temperature. Dryer than normal conditions during spring contributed to consistent flowering and fruit set.

Summer weather presented the typical range of weather relating to rainfall and humidity but nothing outside the boundaries of what had been experienced in the past.

Then conditions in March shifted to a pattern of increased rainfall. However, our decision to drop more than the normal amount of fruit in January paid off with increased airflow through the canopy and reduced load on the vines during this fickle weather period.

And then, as is so often the case, what Mother Nature took away in the preceding months she gave back in the final rush to harvest. April was uncharacteristically warm and dry and provided us with the longest ripening period on record. Our first pick day was not until April 2nd and our last pick was on April 24th. Never before had the entire vintage concluded over a three week span so late in the season. This meant that our fruit hung on the vines longer than normal which contributed to optimum maturation of the compounds that drive the distinctive flavour, aroma and elegance of Destiny Bay Wines.

Tasting trials and critical response from The Wine Advocate have been very encouraging and have reassured us that 2012 will be another proud contributor to the growing collection of respected and critically acclaimed Destiny Bay Wines.

Sean Spratt
Owner & Winemaker