When you’re a wine maker and you meet enthusiasts like our collectors and patron club members, they always ask your opinion – first on wine and then on the culture and business of wine making, wine growing, wine reviewers and wine issues ranging from the screw cap vs cork debate to prices, sustainability and general mythology.  And, when they learn what is required to grow ripe, concentrated, healthy grapes, to craft those grapes into distinctive artisan wine and deliver it to their table, they wonder how any artisan winemaker manages to stay out of bankruptcy court.

We believe a fine wine is appreciated three times – once when it is tasted, again when people know what went in to making it and a third time when people know something of the team who crafted it – their thoughts, motivations and aspirations, as well as their challenges, achievements and frustrations.  This third component of appreciation is the reason we decided to start the Destiny Bay Winegaggle – a blog that has as its purpose to invite you into our lives, to let you know what’s on our minds, to help you get to know us and to make you a member of the Destiny Bay community.  We will probably rant and joke a bit,  grind up an occasional sacred cow and provoke a few people in the wine business.  Each entry will encourage you to post comments and make it a true dialogue.

Many of you already follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we will continue to use those mediums.  Our New Year’s resolution is to communicate more, to learn more about you and to build a community of like-minded souls.

We look forward to your participation.

Best wishes in the New Year from the Destiny Bay team.