A Natural Amphitheatre


The starting point for remarkable wine is remarkable fruit. And remarkable fruit only comes from extraordinary conditions.


The terrain serves one master. Provide what grapes love most. Sun. Slopes. A gentle breeze. A little moisture. An amphitheatre shape that traps and reflects heat. Ridges that shield the vines. Contours that drain the soil.

220 Million Years in the Making


Destiny Bay wines come from an exceptional place.


A place formed millions of years ago when powerful geological forces battled for control of a primative landscape. Its most precious legacy resting just below the vineyard. A meter thick layer of weathered Aeolian sediment that cracks, shrinks and expands with the change of seasons.


This is harsh soil for vines. Survival is tested every year. The vines that answer the call yield fruit with distinctive character, flavour and structure.

A Silent Partner


Waiheke Island climate. Never too hot. Never too cold. Moderate nights. Gentle breezes. A little water.


The special gift of Waiheke is its impeccable sense of place.


As the central land mass of North Island heats during the summer, afternoon sea breezes are drawn up the natural waterways and valleys to replace the rising warm air. This cooling air flows over the contours and valleys of Waiheke Island, sanding off the sharp edges of summer heat.


There is never panic among the vines. Nothing to distract them from their pursuit of perfection. Grapes with balance, structure, rich varietal flavors, and ripe tannins.


The soul of the wine resides in the harmony and finesse of each berry.

Destiny Bay Aerial View

A Love for the Land


The distinctive soil, site and mesoclimate of our vineyards lie at the heart of our winemaking style. Ecological balance is more than a social responsibility, it is good grape growing and wine making practice.


In addition to being a fully accredited Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand® vineyard & winery, Destiny Bay has built energy efficient structures, developed environmentally sensitive vineyard and winemaking practices, and planted over 500 native trees. All these practices are aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, impact on the environment, and consumption of fossil fuels.

Inspiration, Craft and Science


Destiny Bay wines capture the essence of Destiny Bay.


Delicately balanced. Distinctive harmony and finesse. Deep, clear, brilliant color. Inviting and complex aromas. Elegant structure. Soft and smooth mouth feel. Rich in varietal flavor.


Sophisticated tools. State-of-art equipment. Rigorous science. This is the foundation upon which a fiercely talented team of people create a masterpiece.

A Gauntlet Unlike Any Other


Long before the first grapes blush, in the cold, short days of winter, the vintage journey begins. Crisp air. Early shadows. The silence broken only by the snipping of shears. Each vine pruned to its own standard. Each vine destined to make its own statement.


Spring clusters offer great promise but only a few will travel the final leg of this journey. Their arrival at the winery, though much anticipated, is still treated with measured restraint. One final test awaits these berries. A gauntlet of sorting, sifting, and screening unlike any other. Only the best survive.