Richard Hemming MW refreshed his ‘taste bud memory’ with our wines, and published his thoughts on All tasting notes listed below. 

Destiny Bay Destinae 2010 – Score 17.5/20 – “Whoosh! Really impressive nose. Not especially Bordelais, but certain delivers complexity far beyond fruit – milk chocolate, toast and smoke. Long, warm finish. Proper development with potential for plenty more.”

Destiny Bay Destinae 2013 – Score 17/20 – “Plummy black fruit, with layers of luscious truffley complexity. Mushroom and chocolate on the palate, with fruit that has overripe qualities but keeps dry and savoury on the finish. Multi-layered, minty finish.”

Destiny Bay Mystae 2008 – Score 17.5/20 – “Beautifully truffled nose with meaty notes, fleshy plum fruit and a lengthy smoke and coffee aroma. Superbly chiselled tannins with an earthiness on the finish. Succulent and finely chewy texture.”

Destiny Bay Mystae 2014 – Score 17.5/20 – “Cocoa, coffee, truffle, superb black cherry fruit and a touch of herby complexity. Thick but with a sense of balance and poise, despite the full body and powerful flavour. It’s a heavyweight, but dancing around the ring on its toes.”

Destiny Bay Magna Praemia 2008 – Score 18/20 – “Cream, black cherry, a touch of tomatostalk  on the nose with finest tannic grain on the palate and lovely fresh earthiness on the finish. Sophisticated maturity, which seems to be coming gradually. Grand but succulent.”

Destiny Bay Magna Praemia 2014 – Score 17++/20 – “Less overtly fruited than their other cuvées, and while the tannin is by no means abrasive, it clearly has a long way to go: it’s as tightly wound as a clock spring. Patience! Scored conservatively to allow headroom.”